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    "That's right..." Vuong Han couldn't help but nod. Once the issue of longevity is resolved, time will no longer have any meaning. From an object that looked scary to now, it's just as a basic unit, in the future, there will be no more changes in the body, and it will become completely separate from the soul, and the so-called theology will come into being. Thinking of this, Vuong Han also took a deep breath, "Next go buy some soul meteorites, I'll try it first."

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    Vuong Han is very comfortable now, not because he has given up progress on this kind of thing, on the contrary, he has completely seen through the logic of all these things, seeing that he has recorded all the rules of reincarnation. Badge After staying there, he began to replenish soul power from the time and space rift around him without even lighting up the reincarnation badge, all of this was like a miracle, because before that there was no one in the same group. said that they directly use the function of the badge without activating the badge, which is impossible, but now Wang Han has done it, "If I still describe my soul as a normal generator often, I need to send power to other machines, so that I can directly generate corresponding functions, but I can still directly adjust these frequencies directly in the power plant process, and I don't need to directly create this function through this Machine, and the benefits are very, very obvious."

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    One thousand six hundred years have passed, this period of time is not very short, sitting like that for one thousand six hundred years, until Vuong Han opened his eyes again, immediately looked at his wrist, looked around, There was originally a goblin coat of arms on the wrist, but now looking at the coat of arms, it is clear that there is a layer of golden border around the coat of arms.

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    "You said there was something dirty in the house, Ms. Nuo and the others were very scared... Can you tell Uncle Ross to come here and find me?" Qian Qian, as a special guest of Wan Gu Pool, on the other side of the ring Watching the game, although this child-like game is not interesting, it is rare this time, good rather than come and see. better, but now looking at Rose with her tense face in front of her, she was also very confused.

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    After she said these words, Vuong Han's body also trembled. As expected, just like Tham Nguyet Kha said, they are one. Vuong Han makes this choice today, tomorrow Tham Nguyet Kha will not know, he I will also choose to save myself. everybody. After all, from Wang Han's perspective, he didn't know that he had always been in the enemy's sights, and he didn't even know that his action to save the opponent would directly cost the opponent's soul. evaporate. directly torn apart, killing others all the way! But now that things have happened, talking about this issue obviously has no meaning at this time, the most important thing is to find a way to solve the difficult situation at hand.

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    So do I have to raise her to find out her background? Vuong Han looked suspiciously at the little thing that was still sleeping soundly. His heart was not happy at all. Nhi Lang sat cross-legged on the chair, put the little thing on its knees, and said softly: "If not, I will kill you directly. Those insects have already left. Even if I kill you, they won't know, let alone if they know, what else can they do?" What do they do to me? In my opinion, there is no difference between destroying you and destroying them. This way, I can also follow my previous path, Go to other formations more, learn more about things in other formations, this is what I should do, instead of being beaten by you locked in this place...um...so I will kill you Forget it, anyway, with my current ability, I can completely destroy you painlessly in your sleep, and after you're destroyed, you can do whatever you want instead of being trapped in such a weak body."

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    "Why?" Phung Thien looked at Diep Lam suspiciously, he currently did not understand what his wife meant.

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    Vuong Han even suspected that if this thing was really fast, it would directly throw this planet out...

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    However, when the three of them heard her question, they all looked at each other blankly, then burst out laughing, good person, I have never seen Vuong Han myself, this little girl is so curious. if she grows up, she will see her again God knows what will happen to such a man. Of course, the most important thing is that this little girl is only six years old, she has never seen such a man before. Just a few words can get her very excited. , After actually seeing the other side, I don't know how crazy it will be... After thinking about it, it's no wonder that the powerful woman named Isabelle could be so anxiously searching everywhere, and her feelings are also cursed by Vuong Han! And a man like that is really too powerful, killing people invisible...

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    Vuong Han walked over, squatted down, used his fingers to grab a few blood beads floating on the body, without looking, the man in front of him was once him, at this moment, in his mind, it was considered everything. have some memories. of my life are completely interconnected. To be honest, seeing myself killed was not elegant, "From this point of view, the world did not start to function normally after my death. Yes, it seems like it was completely Suffered by the chains." This lock is outside, and some people on the street look a bit fake at this time. As for why this happened? I have seen this situation before, but it never happened. born in biomes."

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    Currently, Vuong Han does not dare to do unnecessary things. His soul has been consumed to a certain extent. The last trace of soul force that was about to be destroyed was poured into the armor to regenerate, reducing the time by 10,000 years, several times. seconds of recovery, his soul has completely restored its original powerful existence, which seems to have flooded the entire planet's ocean in the blink of an eye, regenerating a truly powerful talent. This talent seems to be able to directly extract the soul power from it. The soul is cracked for himself, but now is not the time to research regeneration talent, his soul instantly recovers. , the original state of dozens of light balloons entering his body was exactly the same as before. With that feeling, he suddenly had an idea.

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    “I don't know what problem there will be, sir.” However, Cetafe had no interest in this planet at all. She just waited outside according to Vuong Han's arrangements and had no intention of going anywhere to this planet. .It means moving. As for Isabelle, she also proposed the idea of inviting the other person to take a walk around the planet. After being rejected by Cetaphil, she was even more unhappy... So, she also stood outside the door decisively like Cetafe. In fact, Isabelle didn't know why she did that. Logically speaking, she hadn't been back for so many years. When she finally returned, she had to go for a walk to see if she could. well, at least along with some of the people she knew before. say hello to someone, or do something she likes to do... But these thoughts don't come up, her love of walking is clearly consumed too much, she's happy to wait first this door, that It is understandable why this problem became what it is today.

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    "And now let me go back to space, I have a special hunch, maybe Valkyrie and the others aren't really dead..."

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    Hearing Vuong Han's voice, 28 people of the Saint Sect family sat there, their faces looking like children about to see the world.

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    Vuong Han could feel how Mengmeng in the illusion treated them. To be honest, if Wang Han thought about it now, he could use the same operation to directly pull Mengmeng into the illusion. endlessly, Mengmeng basically couldn't escape, so even if this illusion appeared in everyone's mind and was controlled by Mengmeng, he could still see what Mengmeng was doing at a glance. . Thinking about it again and again, this is still too cruel. Before, I had enough to eat and drink, then I discovered that there was something going on at home. After I called Thien Thien to return, everything became like this, directly. was pulled into a world where I couldn't tell the difference between reality and fantasy, and then I was attacked by monsters from all directions, and even when I intentionally sold loopholes for monsters to attack , I wondered if this was a dream, but I really felt the feeling of being killed, after the pain, the whole person was completely immersed in confusion and fear. What a death, after being killed in this place, it will die! Therefore, in this illusion, all kinds of skills fly everywhere, the forest of illusions explodes even more. I think they can do many things with their thousand-year cultivation base, and at the critical moment they can explode. emits some believable force, and the appearance of various colorful combat skills launched is stunning.

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    "So the question is, what should I do after having this talent?" Vuong Han asked gently.

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    "That's very easy for me to say." Vuong Han felt relieved when he heard that, but in his heart he was thinking: If World Devouring Land is really made from meteorite souls, I definitely can't buy it. In the future, I'm afraid I'll have to find a way to extract some World Devouring individuals from the Holy City system, then temper and absorb them.

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    ... Okay. Feng Tian nodded in shock, and Ye Lin exchanged looks, both of them expressed disbelief, now they don't rely on this kind of aura or aura to fight, what do they rely on? keep on fighting? Isn't it all about merging spiritual energy into the body, then doing all kinds of magical exchanges, then directly hitting it, and now suddenly disappearing? The speed of this innovation is too exaggerated, right? Who can stand this?

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    After Feng Shuyi finished speaking, it was as if nothing had happened. She calmly brought Feng Tian and Ye Lin onto the spaceship. Her thoughts were relatively simple, she had left this place 300,000 years ago, she needed know what happened in this for a long time, so looking for Nuo Qianjin and others is the first thing to do now, and Qian Qian and others are all found, she is no longer alone more, and she could even try to ask about the location of her husband, Vuong Han... After thirty thousand years of disappearance, no matter how strong a woman is, she will still have such strong feelings in her heart, worried wait... But no matter what, she must see if Phuong Thien has the ability to recognize herself before doing what she wants to do, and only then can she search for Vuong Han's footprints, otherwise if Feng Tian, who now knows nothing, leaves He walks beside him, and then takes with him a Ye Lin who doesn't know any better, I'm afraid these two people don't know in this star sea How much trouble will it cause? It is even more likely that in just a year or two of being together, when Tinh Hai's law is triggered, he will be beheaded directly!

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    At this time, little Cetaph would not know that she would have such a name, but if she knew that she was a member of the Xiandu squad, the squad with the standard name "Vuong Han" would have such a name. I don't know if she would have Do you want to kick Vuong Han's butt or not? Vuong Han's thoughts are very simple, first, he does not consider little Cetaph as his biological child, second, he does not want to interfere in the other person's future life for any of his own wishes. So as long as the meaning of the name is not too exaggerated, then there is no problem, luck is good, the name Little Cetaph also represents vitality in the language of spirits, not bad, unlike His name, it seems simple at first glance Take it out.

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    I'm about 10 years older than you. Feng Shuyi finally answered Wang Xiaowan's question with this truth, she also sat next to Wang Xiaowan, and the two of them looked at the sea together. After Vuong Tieu Uyen heard the concept of being 10 years old, for a moment she thought about what kind of time 10 years old is, is it a long time... Probably not, 10 years old is 10 years, 10 years is not Star? Just for a moment... So ten years now is not something worth mentioning, Vuong Tieu Loan thought about it, couldn't help but nodded and said: "Then we should be the same age."

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    Vuong Han tried his best to calm down his agitated mind, trying his best to restore normal state, but this situation did not last long under Tham Nguyet Kha's smile, they entered the flight. This ship, To be precise, I entered the spaceship from an indescribable graffiti corner. As soon as I entered, Vuong Han was immediately filled with all kinds of extremely vibrant songs, then looked at the graffiti. around and all kinds of fancy things, he really couldn't help but utter three words.

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    The overall fighting power of the woman in front of her is truly terrifying! ! ! !